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Ash Wednesday

Join us on February 18 at 6:30pm for a simple soup supper followed by worship in the sanctuary at 7:30pm.

Walk the labyrinth of life and imagine yourself giving to Jesus your cares and your concerns, letting go of all that hinders and opening to new life.

While singing by candlelight in the beauty of sacred space, we will walk a labyrinth made of elements of the earth. As we participate in this ceremony together, we have the opportunity to experience a spiritual cleansing that allows us to be ready to commence our Lenten journey with Jesus.
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Lenten Devotions

Lenten Studies

This year, our daily devotions during Lent will focus on the parables with materials written by Dean Nadasdy. Devotion books will be available at tea time.

After English worship during Lent, we will gather in Fellowship Hall for a simple lunch followed by discussions centering on the parables.

This study of parables will help us apply the divine messages of these stories to the story of our life in Christ.

Please join us!

Photos from World-wide Communion

We have posted a few photos taken by Stuart Go of our worship service celebrating World-wide Communion
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