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Changes in COVID-19 Restrictions at PCC

At its meeting on March 12, 2023, the Session of the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown made the following eight changes to our restrictions to protect ourselves and each other from possible infection from COVID-19:

1. Discontinue signing liability waivers for new people coming into PCC.

2. Discontinue sign-in sheets.

3. Continue to use air-filters in all rooms where people are congregating.

4. Change Door Monitors from COVID safety to basic security. Church doors are to remain locked when monitor is not on duty.

5. Strongly encourage mask wearing throughout the church.

6. Return pews to pre-pandemic configuration. Open side pews, but as precaution limit people sitting in them to back row.

7. Drop time and capacity limits on all rooms.

8. Regularly remind all worshipers to stay home if they feel sick, or are sick.

The biggest change was the decision to drop requiring masks in the sanctuary. Instead, the session is strongly encouraging them in the sanctuary as well as throughout the building. While we know that masks are no longer required in most places around the city, we still think it prudent for you to wear your mask when gathering indoors, especially when singing. We believe this helps keep you safe as well as helping to keep other worshipers safe.

We will continue to have a person at the front door. For security reasons, the door will be locked when no one is at the door to monitor who comes in. Be sure to plan your commute so you can arrive on-time. We think monitoring the front door is especially important as use of the Central Subway station increases.

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