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EWC Congregational Meeting, February 5

A special meeting of the English Worshiping Community will be held on Sunday, February 5th after worship, in person and on Zoom.

After five months of study, reflection and discernment, the elders took action and passed the following motion at the December 20th meeting of the English Commission:

To approve the Designated Pastor option as the pastoral leadership model to fill the Co-Pastor vacancy of the English Worshiping Community.

The motion was passed unanimously by a vote of 9-0 in a closed session meeting moderated by Rev. InHo Kim, Executive Partner for Congregational Vitality and Clergy Support of the San Francisco Presbytery. The Designated Pastor option thereby allows our current Interim Minister, Rev. Don Hammond, to apply for the position.

The purpose of the special congregational meeting is to vote on the recommendation of the English Commission to approve the Designated Pastor option to fill the Co-Pastor vacancy of the English Worshiping Community. Prior to the vote, there will be time for questions and understanding the rationale of the elders’ recommendation to the community.

Yours in Christ,

The English Commission

What is a Designated Pastor?

A designated pastor or co-pastor is a minister elected for a term of not fewer than two nor more than four years by the vote of the congregation. A designated pastor is chosen by the congregation’s pastor nominating committee… A designated pastor is installed by the presbytery for the agreed term and then, if the congregation and pastor both desire, may be eligible to be installed as pastor after two or more years have elapsed. Source: Committee on Ministry Advisory Handbook, Section 5-18

Based on our reading of church documents and discussions with Rev. InHo Kim, it is our understanding that the designated pastor option was created as a way to allow a person to be a fully installed pastor but also have a clear time horizon for the relationship between pastor and congregation to enable transition to a new ministry or to confirm that the relationship between pastor and congregation is something both want to continue for an unspecified time.

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