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Light Out of Darkness

Light Out of Darkness: A Service of Remembrance and of Hope

On September 19, 2021 the English Worshipping Community will observe its first annual service supporting for survivors of clergy sexual abuse in our own community and the church world-wide. The call to establish an annual service was recommended by the joint Cameron House – PCC Healing Committee, and was endorsed by the English Commission.

You are invited to find a small candle and be ready to light it during the Call to Worship as we focus on the power of Holy Spirit; present at creation when light was called from darkness and available to us for regeneration and reconciliation even in our most hidden places.

For some, coloring can be a spiritual practice and, if it helps, you are invited to color as way to transform anxious energy into a creative expression. We have prepared an illustration of a candle for printing to be used and encourage those who wish to take part in this activity during the service.

Hope candle
Download PDF • 1.49MB

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