Litany for Remembrance and Healing

As part of our service recognizing the important work of the Cameron House-PCC Healing Committee, we used this litany during our time of prayer.

Unable to forget the violation done to us, we cry: Help us

Still bearing the marks of our wounds, we cry: See us

Struggling to overcome our fears, we cry: Embolden us

Mourning our loss of innocence, we cry: Sustain us

Not knowing where to turn in our misery and isolation, we call out to you, God: Show us

Wondering how your grace permitted this, we call out to you, God: Hear us

Bowed down by the weakness of human frailty, we call out to you, God: Restore us

Longing for families who can bear our truths with us, we call out to you, God: Connect us

Looking for justice where none seems possible, we cry: Empower us

Searching for the kind of faith that once sustained us all, we cry: Inspire us

Covered in shame and confusion, wanting to stand safe and secure again, we cry: Embrace us

Hoping for kindness and truth to meet, justice and peace to unite, we pray: Let it be so!

Desperate for the courage to face our own demons, we pray: Embolden us

Wanting to put all this behind us and live in wholeness, we pray: Sustain us

Outraged by the actions of those who should have known better, we pray: Witness for us

Bearing with one another the burdens of our own and not of our own making, we pray: Encourage us

Lost, looking for your guidance and direction, we pray: Deliver us

Amidst the shattered images of godliness and ministry, we call out to God: Restore us

Out of darkness of our despair, we call out to you, God: Rescue us

Into the cloud of our unknowing, we call out to you, God: Enlighten us

Not even knowing how to help each other or where to go from here, we call out to you, God: Be with us

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