Mission Study Team Update #1

Date: August 19, 2020

RE: Mission Study Team - Update

Dear PCC Community:

Welcome to our first Mission Study Team (MST) Update!

We wanted to update you on our work:

  1. We have met monthly since May and will continue to meet on the third Sunday of the month from 2:00pm - 4:00pm through January 2021 (at least).

  2. We want to communicate and engage with you regularly about our work each month.

  3. Our Committee on Ministry (COM) liaison is the Reverend Brian Camara, pastor of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Pacifica. We met him at our July meeting, which was also our orientation meeting with Presbytery of San Francisco representative Reverend InHo Kim. They will join our meetings at our invitation, as well as when we get to certain pivotal points of our process.

  4. Through our work so far, the MST realizes that it would be invaluable to our mission study process to engage with you in community conversations soon. Stay tuned!

In the Spirit of Christ,

Your Mission Study Team:

Ed Kam, Nancy Chee and Chris Chan (co-chairs)

Jeanine Lim Chan

Laurene Chan

Di An Chen (Mandarin WC member)

Mark Fong

Pastor Don Hammond

Cindy Joe

Eleanor Wong (Cantonese WC member)

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