Mission Study Team Update #2

Date: October 4, 2020

RE: Mission Study Team - Update #2

Dear PCC English Worshiping Community:

We wanted to update you on some of the continuing work of the MST:

1. Your Mission Study Team met on Sunday, September 20th.  We continued discussion on the work of our church in the Chinatown community (i.e. Mei Lun Yuen, the low-cost housing development, community organizations)

2. We have also listened to feedback from some of the youth and young adults through Team member Chris Chan in regards to how we might improve upon our worship and Christian education to be more relevant to their lives. An interesting and very thought-provoking suggestion came from the youth and young adults: Might we consider a team of ministers, instead of a sole minister, to the English Worshiping Community, with one of them specifically for youth and young adults ministries? We'll want to hear from you on this in the near future.

3. Our next MST meeting is on Monday night, October 12th, where we will prepare for our first (Zoom) community conversation event (as mentioned in our August Update) scheduled for Saturday, October 24th, from 3:00PM - 5:00PM. SAVE THE DATE!  We invite everyone into a conversation moderated by Pastor Don to process together both the experience of the English Worship Community, Pastor Kimberly Elliot's church relationship ending, as well as what we have learned from this experience.  This will help us in moving forward with what we need to do to become better equipped and prepared to work with a new pastor. 

A lot of good and important work is ahead for all of us!

In the Spirit of Christ,

Your Mission Study Team:

Ed Kam, Nancy Chee and Chris Chan (co-chairs)

Jeanine Lim Chan

Laurene Chan

Di An Chen (Mandarin WC member)

Mark Fong

Pastor Don Hammond

Cindy Joe

Eleanor Wong (Cantonese WC member)

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