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Resources for This Time of Violence and War

The Presbytery of San Francisco sent out a beautiful prayer by Rose Marie Berger. Their email also provided resources from other organizations to help you envision a future without conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and to speak with others about the situation in Israel and Gaza. There are also special resources for talking with children about conflict and war. Read the message from our Presbytery here Wendell Kimbrough has created many moving songs based on the Psalms. In his setting of Psalm 68, he reminds us of God’s promise to bring an end to war. Wendell Kimbrough says: One of the roles of a song is to help us feel our way into hope--to zoom out and see the present anxieties and fears of our lives in light of the decisive end of God's story. As I have watched the news recently I've felt a heaviness of grief and fear. One of the places I've found comfort is in Psalms that speak of God's promise to bring an ultimate end to war. Bring God's Children Home, based on Psalm 68, also invites us to imagine with hope the time to come when hate and war vanish before God like smoke before the wind. I hope you'll join me in the act of faith that is singing about the end of War, trusting our God to deliver on his promises. You can hear him deliver this message in this YouTube video You can listen to more of his wonderful music through his website This week, our music for prelude, centering and postlude are all by Wendell Kimbrough.

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