SF Presbytery Response to Capitol Mayhem and Racism

Dear Siblings and Friends of the Presbytery of San Francisco.

We write to you, having seen the abhorrent actions of Racism unfold at the seat of our government. This is a legacy of White Supremacy led by a number of leaders of our country. This is power through force that continues to yield unabated, allowing for the killing and pillaging of the rights and lives of all others. How is it possible to look at how the DC police reacted to White insurrectionists and say that these protests are like the Black Lives Matter protests done in peace? How can it be that doors were willingly opened to the Capitol building, in order to chase a Black officer of the law with intentions to do harm? Why is it that when white people form a mob and carry zip ties, Molotov cocktails and a lynching rope—its defined as a right or merely just props to make a point? Finally, how is it that it took SIX calls to get the National Guard to come only to provide quiet escort for these folks to “please leave the building”. Though these actions are proclaimed to be based on the principles Freedom— in actuality, it is an assault on the principles of democracy and of LOVE!

We sit here in quiet shock, with pain in our hearts and so much anger–this is centuries of racism that continues to yield its ugly soul and head. We will not take it anymore! We expect those who are complicit to be held accountable! We at the Presbytery of San Francisco made the commitment to address White Supremacy and Dismantling Structural Racism and we invite you to continue the journey with us in 2021. May God continue to bless us as we embark on this transformational process to become the people that God calls us to be.

With Love and Care, ~Your Presbytery Leadership Team

Link to resources on Presbytery web site: Dismantling Structural Racism

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