Welcome to Singing!

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

We are happy to announce that the Session voted to approve congregational singing in worship!

Beginning this Sunday, everyone attending in-person worship will be able to sing the hymns. In order to maintain safety, we are asking that everyone attending have a well-fitting mask. N-95 or KN-95s are the best protection. Surgical masks are also good.

The Safety Monitors will be on hand as usual. If they determine a need, they may give you a surgical style mask to wear with one-layer cloth masks. We hope that in-person worshippers are able to supply their own N, or KN 95 respirators, or surgical masks in the future, as our supplies are limited. Bandana or ‘gaiter’ style face coverings are really not sufficient for the community’s protection with singing.

We will still maintain physical distancing, and will still endeavor to exit the building fully after worship and not linger in hallways or stairwells, especially not on the first floor.

All other COVID-19 safety procedures remain in place, until further notice. For any questions please email Pastor Don ( donald.p.hammond@pccsf.org )

We look forward to seeing and hearing you in worship with us this Sunday.

Pastor Don and the English Commission.

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