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School of Discipleship

A weekly class of Biblical and Theological Study for Adults

Winter 2023-2024



Epistle to the Hebrews

Traditionally attributed to Paul, this letter is of unknown authorship. It addresses an audience that was made up of people with both Jewish and Gentile backgrounds, some of whom may have renounced their faith as they suffered hardships and persecution. The work is written more like a sermon than a letter, and seeks to encourage its recipients to stay faithful. 

We take a look at this writing, as always, to understand it's original context and to discern its meaning for us as a modern people. 

Papyrus 13, 3rd or 4th Century CE, showing the epistle to the Hebrews in Koine Greek, from wikipedia


Please read the full chapter before coming to class on Monday mornings. Read the Bible lessons and keep notes. We will not go through all the lessons exhaustively, but will share our thoughts from our readings and the notes we took ahead of time. In order to make it through the material we will rely on everyone coming to class prepared. 



12/4/2023 Introduction to the text


12/10 Chapter 1


12/18 Chapters 2


12/25 Christmas Day recess


1/1/2024 New Year's Day recess


1/8/2024 Chapter 3 – 4


1/15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day recess


1/22 Chapters 5 – 7

1/29 Chapters 8 – 9


2/5 Chapter 10


2/12 Chapter 11


2/19 President's Day recess


2/26 Pastor Don Away – no class


3/4 Chapter 12


3/11 Chapter 13 & wrap-up


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