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Founded in 1853, the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown is the oldest Asian American Christian congregation in North America.

In addition to the fellowship and study we enjoy with each other at worship and at tea time after worship, many of us participate in smaller groups during the week. Whether you're single, a grandpa, a woman wanting to join a woman's fellowship or someone who likes to talk about their faith over home cooked meals, there's a small group for you.

Our Presbyterian heritage means that we operate and guide the direction of our church through various committees, an elected Commission and elected Deacons.

Commission Members:

Class of 2026:

Mildred Hall, Annie Wong, Kimball Wong

Class of 2025:

David Chan, Ed Chin, Heidi Wong

Class of 2024:

Carl Jew, David Soohoo,

Winchell Quock

Class of 2023:

Mildred Hall, Dave Miller, Annie Wong, David Chan

Moderator of the Commission:

Rev. Donald P. Hammond


   (about the Deacons)

Class of 2026:

Diane Go, Sharlene Hall, Dayton Leong

Class of 2025:

Pat Chan, Carole Chinn-Morales, Kathy Tong

Class of 2024:

Eunice Bejar-Lee,
Terry Chan

Class of 2023:

Ed Kam, Jeanine Lim,

Carole-Chinn Morales, 
Sharlene Hall, Jackie Jew



Mission & Evangelism

Jeanine Lim, 

Cindy Joe,

Jeanette Huie,

Clinton Huey,

Ed Chin (Chair),

Susie Wong, 

Kevin Feeley,
Whittney Tom,
Carole Chinn-Morales, Heidi Wong

Worship & Nurture

Dave Miller,

Ed Kam,

Mildred Hall,
David Chan,
Gwen Jeong,

Terry Chan,

Rene Fong

Building & Finance

Winchell Quock,

Amy Feng,

Jeremy Lue,
Shar Hall,

Cindy Joe,

Ra Chani Lu,

Laura Cu,  

David Soohoo


  (about the Resource Committee)

Stuart Go, Max Hum, Jackie Jew, Terry Leong, Winchell Quock,

David Soohoo (chair), Annie Wong


Carl Jew (chair)

Class of 2026:

Edmund Chin

Class of 2025:

Mark Fong

Class of 2024:

Nancy Chee

Nominating for 2024

Diane Go, Ed Kam, 
Susie Wong,

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