Pastor Donald P Hammond

Pastor Ronnie Kaan

Pastor Guo Hao


Rev. Donald P. Hammond has been selected to be the Interim Pastor for the English Worshipping Community as we begin our Mission Study.

Rev. Hammond earned his Master of Divinity degree at SFTS.

He grew up in northern California. After seminary, he worked in the recruitment office at SFTS. He comes to us most recently from the East Coast where he was an interim with two churches in the Boston area and one in New York.

Read his biography and faith journey.  

Rev. Kaan is a minister who is willing to establish good relationships with youth, provide care-giving to seniors, and wants to improve our community while also bringing the Good News. He is an honest, fair person and is not divisive. He likes to do ministry with elders and colleagues.


​郝國牧師 Pastor Guo Hao

Pastor Hao Guo was baptized in 2004 and became a Christian. After that, He was called by God and serve God in his whole life.

Pastor Hao obtained two master's degrees in biblical fields from SAAT and ACES Seminary in 2013 and 2018, respectively

In 2018, Pastor Guo Hao was ordained as a commission lay pastor by the Presbytery of San Francisco.