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What We Do

Our church has a long history of outreach to the Chinatown community and to other organizations in the Bay Area. While there are many ways to be involved in the life of our community, members are also encouraged to participate in something outside of the church walls to spread our message of inclusion and hospitality further.


As part of our Matthew 25 Commitment, each Saturday, members of the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown staff a food bank for low-income Chinatown residents. We currently serve over 250 individuals. We deliver food to those who cannot come to the church to pick up the food.

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As part of our Matthew 25 commitment, we are exploring ways we can support immigrants. On the third Sunday of September each year, we celebrate the gifts of new immigrants.

Clinton Huey, a member of the Mission & Evangelism Committee tells in this video why he fasts alongside detained immigrants.

Our church has a long history of members speaking out and demonstrating for justice. And our members continue to advocate on social issues.

Individuals and small ad hoc groups often form to participate in rallies, marches and demonstrations for issues ranging from local community to national and international attention.

Guided by Micah 6:8, our Mission and Evangelism committee seeks to do justice through advocacy and education; demonstrate kindness by being present in times of need with a welcoming spirit; and walk humbly with our God by organizing ways for our congregation to contribute to the church's work through out the world.

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Eradicating Systemic Poverty: Food Pantry Efforts at PCC

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