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Building a Community

From its earliest days, the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown has been a social hub vested with the hopes, disappointments, and visions of a community.  It has been a place where individuals connect with one another, and within it people have found reminders of their culture, help in times of need, and friendship to multiply the joys in their lives.  More than simply an institution, the church has been a repository of a community’s memories and has sought to be true to its theological affirmation that a church is not the building it occupies but the people it embraces and the relationships they form.  



華埠長老會自建立以來,就已經是個社會中心,她與社區的希望,失落和遠像息息相關。 她是人們相互聯絡的處所,在這裡人們可找到祖先文化的延續、可得到及時的救助和友誼。值此,他們生命中的歡樂有增無減。教會遠非一個普通的公共機構可比擬,她既保持著寶貴而又悠久的傳統,又更在神學的體認上找到真諦:教會不是人們所使用的建築物,教會卻等於她懷抱中的子民再加上在其間所形成的種種聯繫。

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