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Making Your Contributions

Since we're not worshiping together in person, you don't have the opportunity to put your pledge envelope or contributions into the collection plate. You can mail in your contributions to the church, but even better, you can contribute on-line.

Click on the link below or on the English home page donation link. You'll come to a page where you can read instructions and where you can access our payment processing service with the Presbyterian Foundation. There you can use a credit card to contribute, but even better, you might consider connecting directly to your checking account. Credit card transactions incur a 2% fee to pay the fee charged by the banks. Either you pay the extra 2% or the church has to pay the 2%. With direct connection to your checking account, there is no added fee. AND, you can set up a recurring payment so you won't forget to send in your pledge.

Give it a try! Donate now.

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